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GAA Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning Test Day

This coming Saturday I am carrying out Strength and Conditioning tests for some of my athletes. There are 5 spaces available to non-members of my gym should you wish to come along.

There are details on how to get on board here: http://kyuzogym.com/2015/01/26/strength-and-conditioning-test-day/

I usually don’t blow my trumpet too much on the blog, but I can carry out assessments and provide analysis for teams, individuals, and groups. When I’m handling a team or individual, it’s an integral part of what I do as it provides data for future programming and assesses the quality of previous training. However I do perform stand-alone tests for groups who might not otherwise train with me or receive my programming.

If you’d like to book a test or chat about what I can do I am available on info@kyuzogym.com

Okay stop reading now and get back to doing something productive.


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