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Strength and Conditioning Test Day

This coming Saturday I am carrying out Strength and Conditioning tests for some of my athletes. There are 5 spaces available to non-members of my gym should you wish to come along. There are details on how to get on board here:¬†http://kyuzogym.com/2015/01/26/strength-and-conditioning-test-day/ I usually don’t blow my trumpet too much on the blog, but I … Continue reading

Defining Sport Specific Training

I was asked the other day about Sport Specific Training. I don’t think I’ve seen a good definition of what Sport Specific Training is, and I was asked the other day so I’ll have a little go at defining it here. Sport Specific Training is any training that results in a performance improvement in a … Continue reading

Summer time

And the living is easy. But not for Erin’s Isle minor candidates who are 2 weeks into a pre-minor camp with me for 8 weeks of their summer holidays. Next Thursday at 12.30pm I’m going to be talking to the guys about the training they’re doing, essentially condensing my whole youth training philosophy into a … Continue reading

A cuppa with some youth players…

I spoke a little bit with a young group I was coaching last week about their motivation, how they measure success and so on. It was an informal chat since we had to call training off early due to the weather conditions. A nice bloke from the club arrived in with 2 large pots of … Continue reading

Motivation and Valuing Your Training

Here’s a thought. The people I have programmed and trained for free are far less likely to follow my programming than the people who pay for it. This is an established economic and psychological phenomenon, which is lucky really or I would get offended very regularly. If you pay more for a product or service, … Continue reading

Preseason GAA Training

It’s preseason time right now and I’m really enjoying working with a great bunch of young guys at Erin’s Isle GAA in Finglas. The guys are a dual code team (ie. They play both football and hurling) and we’ve been working together about 3 months now. We’ve completed a 10 week strength camp and now … Continue reading

Positive Language in Coaching

One just for the coaches here. You may have heard of various methods of how you communicate with your athletes. PCP is one of them, and I’m not talking about drugging yourself or your athletes, it stands for Praise Correct Praise. For example if I want to see better technique, or if I have a … Continue reading

Shopping for a Strength Coach

I hope you’re reading this post as a manager or coach who is hiring a Strength and Conditioning coach for the coming season, and I hope it makes you shop around. In the interest of full disclosure I’ll say that 2 days ago I was told that a team I was working with are not … Continue reading

Strength and Conditioning for Youth Teams

Strength and Conditioning Training for Gaelic Football I’ve been working with an underage Gaelic Football team now for the past 2 months with excellent results so far. This is approximately the 12th GAA team I’ve taken for an extended period. I thought I’d write a bit about the experience of coaching youth teams (which is … Continue reading

My Training Log

Sooooo….. I thought I’d blog some training. Reason being I’ve had no time or opportunity to write anything substantial since I’ve started back work with the schools. I am working with an underage team too and a boxing coach I was previously only writing programmes for has taken to asking me in more often to … Continue reading