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A Video Treat

I’ll follow the last very high brow post with some multimedia madness. Yes, I have video to show you. And don’t worry, only one of them has me in it. Firstly, someone was asking me about skipping and how to do it and make it less “boring”. Well I can’t show you how to skip … Continue reading

It's been a long time since I've updated.

Firstly apologies to my avid reader. I haven’t been able to update due to a lack of access to this here “interweb” and also just being too busy. This is actually going to be a monster post as I’m not sure when I’ll be able to post again. I really am that busy. The New … Continue reading

I love training, I hate cleaning

I showed at the gym last night and was greeted with this:There are a few things I absolutely despise and one of them is a lack of respect for other people’s property. I wouldn’t mind but the next user of this gear could well be the people who just flung it in the general direction … Continue reading

For some reason I've had more time in the last couple of days…

That’s because I’ve cancelled the fight show. I am busier than a pair of plaid bell bottoms, so something had to give and I’m a perfectionist, so I’m not going to run a sub-par show. Instead I’ll do it again late in the summer in super dooper fashion with a really good professional card. In … Continue reading

Some Conditioning Work for MMA

Here is what the lads did today. Quite a small session with only 5 in attendance but everyone knows by now that they’re usually the best ones. The gym was set out into a 5 station circuit, of which one was a mini circuit in itself. The time was 5 minutes divided into 1 minute … Continue reading

4 weeks to go

I’m getting closer to fighting now. It’s something I’m looking forward to, but maybe not for the normal reasons. I’m at home today looking after my son who has the chickenpox so I have some time to be introspective. If you’re not willing to be bored to tears, look away now. I don’t compete because … Continue reading

LOADS of video.

In the interest of making my blog look a little better and in response to some slagging in the gym about it, I’m going to make a very informative post today, full of video footage and lots of stuff like that Here’s stage one of last night’s beginner MMA, or MMA101 as we call it. … Continue reading

The Present and the Future

Was asked a question at training today about what I reckon the future of MMA was. Would people no longer be “specialists”, preferring instead to be just good enough at everything to win fights? The short answer is no. I don’t think so. What I think is hard to put in one post but I’ll … Continue reading

Jolly Good

I see people followed my advice and started following my blog. Good show, good chaps, what ho and all that. Now stop following my blog and find something decent to do with your lives. Last night was MMA 101 followed by an MMA sparring class. In the 101 we did clinch surfing, a good drill … Continue reading

First Session of 2009 is over

And boy do I feel good about it. Light evening last night, some pads for everyone else in Muay Thai and then some rolling plus some kimura technique in BJJ. Very nice though I made the big mistake of making a chicken curry for dinner which gave me heartburn for the whole night. Overall, an … Continue reading