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A Video Treat

I’ll follow the last very high brow post with some multimedia madness. Yes, I have video to show you. And don’t worry, only one of them has me in it.

Firstly, someone was asking me about skipping and how to do it and make it less “boring”. Well I can’t show you how to skip I’m afraid, as that would be a face to face item, but I can show you how I do a quick and easy warm up on the rope which I think is good. As usual, I’ll have a good oul rant afterwards too so don’t worry, those of you who only tune in for the profanities will get their share too.

As you should be able to see, I’m counting off hops from foot to foot. For this one I’m doing
10 two footed
10 left foot
10 right foot
10 knees up
10 heels to arse

And for a warm up I’ll repeat that 5 times which generally takes about 2 minutes. After that I’ll switch the variations up and do something else, maybe do a double under after every ten ( a double under is when you turn the rope twice as fast, making it go under your feet twice for every jump) or perhaps add in crossovers every 5. And why do I do this? Because, yes, I find skipping a little boring. It wasn’t always that way I actually used to love it but these days I’m off it. I don’t know why, perhaps it’s the menopause. It hits men now you know. So try that out and play with the timing and variations.

Amanda Update
The Amanda project continues unabated. She will be Ireland’s 3rd ever semi pro female MMA competitor when she climbs into the ring on June 13th so we’re in the midst of getting her really, really ready. (Her opponent will be the 4th as home fighters usually climb in second). She had a small break over the weekend and Monday off for her birthday but was back in for a good session last night.

7pm- MMA technique. Under/over position. Takedowns with a nifty submission. Wrestling to takedown.
8pm- Sparring.

  • 3x3min rds stand up
  • 3x4min rds MMA to takedown
  • 3x5min rds full MMA
Then Stephen (solidarity) and her did this and then another, similar round afterwards.
Round 1

Amanda will be annoyed at me for posting this because she kept missing the switch lunge for some reason, she did much better second time around. I’m really pleased with her progress. About a year ago she was tipping along in the gym, attending classes but not doing too much. She took a decision to fight and she hasn’t looked back. Mentally, physically and skillfully she’s on another level to most of the guys in the gym.

And finally, me oul mate Capper. 8 months is a long time to be gone, and after discovering he had a previous ankle evulsion after yet another ankle injury, he’s keen to get back on the bike. Only trouble is we’ll have to reinforce the bike. He’s put on 5kgs in weight, but probably lost the same in muscle so I think a conservative estimate would be 8kgs of new body fat. But it’s the summer now and that means it’s time for…


I can’t wait. Last year was great craic. I’m not sure if I’ll have the time this year to revive The Wednesday Afternoon Weightlifting Club which was gaining numbers when we killed it last year but I’m sure we’ll come up with something. The only trouble is that there won’t be the same class of young ladies doing aerobics this year at the same time so we may not get anyone there. If Capper agrees I’ll post the video of what’s wrong with his ankle and detail what we’re going to do to stop it from happening again. If he doesn’t agree, I’ll pretend he did and post it anyway. What’s he going to do, come over to my house and drink all my beer? He does that anyway so I’ll put it up next time and detail his pre-session ankle prehab and some of the other hoops I’ll have him jumping through.


One thought on “A Video Treat

  1. Happy birthday Amanda

    Posted by Tom D | May 20, 2009, 10:32 pm

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