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At Last – Some Video

Had my first training session on the brand new matted area this morning with Paddy and I have to say they are beautiful. I can’t wait to grapple on them this evening. I am literally going to allow people to pass my guard just to shrimp out. Prepare for gward spinning invertedness, you have been … Continue reading

I want more followers

I was looking at my blog and thinking about revamping it, you know, change the colours, themes and so forth. Instead I decided that I want people to click on the follow tab and have their little heads on my blog. I only have two followers, one is Clive so that should actually be “stalker”, … Continue reading

Punches in Bunches

An actual fog descended on the gym on Tuesday So last night we did a high quality boxing session, or at least it was supposed to be high quality. It looked like this 2 rds shadow boxing with sprawl every 30 seconds Actually for every round we did last night, there was a beep every … Continue reading

Maybe when he's 4

I was driving with my son (aged 3 and 1/2) today, on our way to playschool, oohing and ahing as only kids do at the sight of the frosty fields near our house. One of the only things I really like about where I live right now is the setting. Drive one way and it’s … Continue reading