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Maybe when he's 4

I was driving with my son (aged 3 and 1/2) today, on our way to playschool, oohing and ahing as only kids do at the sight of the frosty fields near our house. One of the only things I really like about where I live right now is the setting. Drive one way and it’s bustling town and suburbia, drive the other and it’s rural. Anyway, Max asks “Where did the frost come from?” And I open my mouth to answer the usual way you would to a 3 year old, blame Jack Frost. But then a thought struck me. Really, as an atheist, a skeptic and a man with certain convictions about the corruption of children’s minds at an early age, what way do I want my son to start out in life? As a believer in myths, magic and spook stories? Surely he’d appreciate the real and profound beauty that is the real story of how frost is formed, through frozen moisture? I could link it to his previous curiosity about the dew in summertime. This is fantastic. What an opportunity to spread seeds of inquisitiveness his mind! I can already see the Nobel Prize being presented to him, with me in the front row kept alive by way of his invention. ( a cure for syphilis perhaps?) So I begin.

“Do you remember the dew in summertime?”
(flying start)
“Ah, well the frost is that dew, but because it’s cold outside, it has frozen”
“and now all the fields are covered in frost”
“Eh? Isn’t that cool?”
*more silence, I glimpse in the rearview mirror and he actually looks a bit depressed*
“Aw, no wait. Jack Frost came and put it there!!”
“Oh yeah Jack Frost!”

Damn. I suppose the science lessons will have to wait. I can’t decide whether I’m ruining his childhood or enhancing his life to come. Maybe those two aren’t mutually exclusive. I’ll have to ask others of the same mind, like Serena and Venus’s Dad…

Saw this last night and had to share:


This is how I like to see padding done. Keep it simple, good technique, movement and timing and two people in rhythm. When I say rhythm by the way I mean that the two people have adapted to each other and the boxer is 100% confident in the padholder, and the holder is in tune with the speed and timing of her boxer. What I don’t mean by rhythm is that the padholder establishes some sort of artificial rhythm for the boxer to fall into. If anything, Dee in this video keeps Amanda out of a pattern, gets her to adjust her feet, cover up and move at angles. Padding is for technique, conditioning and building speed and power. It is not an end unto itself, it’s not fighting. Unfortunately, some people use it as such. Walk into any gym, anywhere in the world and I guarantee you that there will be someone there who will do their 4 or 5 rounds on the pads and probably be magnificent, and then when it’s gear on for sparring time they develop a headache, a bad knee, a bruise or anything that will stop them from having to get hit. That’s why some people walk in and call all sorts of crazy combos on the pads and expect the same, because they think that looking cool and making the right noises on the pads is the shit, and as long as they do that, they’re a fighter. I’ve even had someone recently ask me if they could do a fight one day when I have literally never seen them spar, but I’ve seen them do lots of ice pack holding and toilet visits right after padwork

That’s not to dismiss people who want to just hit pads and are honest about it. I’ve got plenty of people in the gym who have come to me and said that they’re just here to get fit and have a bit of fun, and have no interest in getting punched and kicked. That’s understandable, (I actually don’t have too much of an interest in that either) and I would say that probably 80% of people in the gym will never fight or compete. You still have to spar though! It doesn’t have to be hard but sooner or later, everyone should have a test of what they’ve been learning in the gym where it’s safe and comfortable and you can ask your partner to stop.


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