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Isn’t it great to have team mates? Here’s Olli doing his pull ups pre-training and the lads are only too happy to give him all the support he needs… as long as they don’t have to get off their asses and the couch. Yous is excluded from this criticism as he was working in with Olli.

I supose the only way to start this entry is by updating my canine situation, it’s the only thing people have asked me about since I posted it yesterday. I had to get Hannah put to sleep I’m afraid. The vet was lovely about it but I must have looked pathetic as I wouldn’t sit down and kept giving her treats. The dog I mean, not the vet. The vet didn’t want any treats but I did offer. I’m sure there’s a dirty joke in there about giving dogs bones and stuff but I’m too depressed to work them out. Anyway, she had a nice, peaceful time with me in her last few minutes getting her belly rubbed and eating crunchy treats. As I posted yesterday, she’s had 5 years she wouldn’t have had if it wasn’t for me so I suppose that’s some consolation, but I don’t feel any less guilty.

Back to training, which I’m not doing a lot of. It’s been 2 weeks since my last roll due to, in chronological order:
1. Swolen, tender shin
2. Food poisoning
3. Head cold
4 . Swolen, tender shin
The food poisoning was horrible and not an experience I’d like to repeat. I mean, ME, made sick by FOOD. It’s like finding out Darth Vader was you father, except worse because at least Luke Skywalker knew DV was a bad dude, I NEVER knew food was capable of bad things. My innocence is lost. The head cold I can deal with, but the shin problem is becoming more than just irritating. At first it was extremely painful, but also kind of fun because you could do this with it
Yup, in case you are wondering, that’s a smiley face drawn into the swelling on my shin bone. Pleasant isn’t it? Anyway, now it’s gone from funny to just plain annoying. It’s not getting any better and the swelling is getting harder and less easy to make funny faces and shapes with. I think a visit to the physiotherapist is in order. The benefit of not training in BJJ (for every cloud has a silver lining) is that I get to see how everyone is progressing from the outside. (yup, that’s it, a shitty silver lining if ever I heard one. But I’m clutching at straws)

And you know what? People are getting pretty good. Take last night for example, we drilled some bottom game fundamentals for getting from the “hands out” position in side control bottom to a “strait jacket” position for escapes. I had originally planned a bit of a different class to this, a little simpler, but after the first drill it was clear enough that I could race ahead with some more than I’d planned. At this stage I’d like to stop and give myself a pat on the back……….. there. For it is I who came up with the fantastic idea of having a fundamentals class. Oh how they mocked me, the experienced ones, saying “oh Barry, I will no longer get some rolling in on a Tuesday with all of those beginners in that class”. Now however, they come in their droves to brush up on the basics. So I’m not bitter, but I’d just like to say HA! I told you so. Great class last night.
Things I’ve said that I shouldn’t have when coaching women…
By now my “guess Laura’s weight” incident is notorious. Even if you haven’t heard the story, the name of the incident should give you cause for concern. Anyway, another corker last night in Thai:
(pointing to Amanda)
“Lads, there are no girls here!”
(Funny looks from everyone, a few giggles, one “Eh?”)
“Eh, okay, what I mean is that there are no women in this gym”
(more giggles, some outright laughter, heads shaking)
“Shit okay look, just hit Amanda like she was a bloke right?”
I know you all knew what I meant but you let me suffer anyway. I respect that, but I will have my vengeance.

No women in this photo either

Lastly, a quick comment on overhead squatting. Thanks to my persistent back injuries, the o-head squat is something I’ve always been a little afraid of, it’s also meant I’ve stuck to cleaning and ignored snatching. But now I’ve been diligently following the rehab programme I was given a year ago (yeah I know too little to late) I’ve been able to return to this fantastic exercise. You’ve all noticed my renewed interest in overheading I’m sure but if anyone wants to either a) learn or b) improve their overhead squat, snatch, clean and front squat then turn up to the gym on Wednesday mornings at 10. If you don’t fancy that, then Paddy and Mick might hit some pads or do some rolling with you. A proper session we’re having on Wednesdays these days.


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