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Clinchtastic Evening…

Loadsa clinch and takedowns this evening. Some people were a bit perturbed when I asked them to remove their tops but I think everyone got the point of the exercise… to embarrass, humiliate and so on. Seriously though it was to make sure that we replicate fight conditions as much as possible. A slippery opponent is a lot different to one with lots of extra friction cos he’s wearing a t-shirt, so it’s a really good idea to either wear a rash guard or wrestle bare top, at least from time to time anyway. Gripping your opponent becomes much, much harder so you have to focus a lot more on getting good grips first time. Now in case you’re one of the many, many women who train with us (eh… 4) and you’re thinking “hot damn that would have been a good class to go to”, forget it, the lads are hideous. Even if in the unlikely event you find them to be easy on the eye, they smell… of sweat… man sweat. All that being said, some of the lads are now in week 7 of a 12 week resistance programme and I think they’re starting to fancy themselves a bit. 4 weeks ago if I’d have asked them to take their tops off they’d have done it reluctantly. Tonight, they were like The Chain Gang, off came the tops no bother, new found muskles and lean-ness all round.

And no, that wasn’t an accidental reference to Dublin’s most famous male strip group. In a slight slip, Shane informed me last week that he was once a member of The Chain Gang, entertaining hen nights and horny housewives across the land. Now if that isn’t healthy slagging material, I don’t know what is, I’ll leave you all to get on with that. I don’t know what the ladies thought of his Spartan tattoo though, maybe he always had to face the front…

We had Will down for the first time this evening, and you know what, he’s a big dude, so I set the Kiddie Krippler on him, and even my favourite giant killing terrier had some trouble. He reliably informs me that he will be thinner very soon, so I’d like to declare my intention to stay off the mats until he loses about 20kgs or so. Actually I’ll be back on tomorrow if my elbow feels right, which it doesn’t but Will was quite helpful with that too, even if he did mock my “not doing the rehab” stance on my previous dislocation.

Look at this if you’ve any interest in the current economic crisis and how it happened
And while you’re there, look at the site. www.edge.org in which people far brainier than you or I explain things so that they seem more complicated, which is the best type of explanation- the one that leads to more questions.


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