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I almost never keep promises, but I've made an exception today

Try to ignore the bad camerawork! A quick note on this video. It’s not the comlete warm up as today the guys were hitting the road for the session detailed below almost immediately. For MMA or other combat sessions the warm up is longer and a little more intense and would be followed by squats, push ups, maybe crunches and raises depending on the goal of the session. For strength and conditioning work though this is almost the exact warm up we use except we’d do twice the amount of reps, which we measure in lengths of the room. I robbed this warm up from John Kav who in turn had robbed it from someone else. We occasionally incorporate other movements into it depending on the session type.

Today, we ran. I think a lot of people seemed unpleasantly surprised that when I told them to bring runners, I actually meant that they would be running. Idiots. We did 3 distances, and the idea was that each time the distance got shorter, but so did the rest period. The first run was 3k, then 2k then 1k, each one measured using the very clever http://www.mapmyrun.com, I ought to get money from them because I’ve passed that site on to about 500 people at this stage.As you can see the times were fairly good. The deal was that you had to do a burpee for every second you were above 14 minutes for 3k, 10 minutes for 2k and 5 minutes for 1k. There were very few burpees done and I really underestimated the times on the 2k which everyone ripped through without any burpee danger. In my defence though I think the run was actually slightly shy of 2k though. The leaders of the pack were Jonnny, Kyle and Keith. I was in the second group with Jonny and Kyle and they were being super competitive with each other and burned me on the last stretch each time. Keith arrived back on the first one and I was beginning to think he’d taken a short cut, but apparently he hadn’t.

Oh yeah, then we did 8 rounds of sparring. Two of the teens came along and one of them got to spar away with the big boys for a couple of rounds. He got squished a bit of course but I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen about a few corkers I have in that class and I hope some people saw what I’ve been talking about today. Those two lads are not long past their 15th birthdays.

In other stranger news I was doing some work with a private client of mine who has come to me to shift some excess pounds yesterday and after some hard work, he laughingly said something along the lines of “My inner thin guy doesn’t seem to want to come out”. I asked him what he meant and he told me that he’d read a weightloss book which speaks genuinely about the “inner thin person” inside of all fat people. I doubt the book calls them fat people though it probably calls them otherwise thin. I want to get my hands on the book now cos it sounds like a crock of shit. He explained it to me and by the end of the explanation he said “come to think of it it probably made me feel worse!”

I don’t have much time for self help books at the best of times but this one sounds like a real corker. I’m going to write one on similar lines, it’ll be called You Are Shit, Any Confidence You Have Is Ill Founded, And Everyone Looks At You And Sees A Failure. The title will probably have to be trimmed but I think I’ve captured the essence of what the other book made my client feel. All the guy wants to do is lose a few inches off the waist, pack on some muskles and feel good about himself, so he bought a book, and in turn it told him that what he is right now is crap, and that his value is defined by his weight. It’s moronic, not because I agree people should be overweight, obviously it’s a good thing to be healthy, but because in my experience anyway people who are overweight (or even underweight) find it difficult to get into fitness or activities because they feel that they don’t belong in gyms, or that they’ll be embarrassed in groups or even one to one. Books like that one only feed into that stupid myth, and make a lot of money for people who espouse some wishy washy philosophy. Can anyone tell me the name of this book? I’m going to get it, not buy it though, just get it. The masochist in me wants to see bullshit like this first hand.


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