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What's the name of that piece of music?

Is it flight of the Bumblebee? You know it, it’s usually played when someone is doing something very quickly in gardening or home improvement shows. It goes diddlediddlediddlediddlediddlediddlediddlediddle very quickly…

Aaaaaanyway, that’s what I feel the soundtrack to the last couple of days of my life should be. Some personal stuff I’ve had to deal with aside, I’ve been extrememly busy working, coaching, organising the show, ordering equipment and I think my phone bill for this month is going to arrive like this:
But you know what? It’s fun. It helps that the tickets are almost all gone too and the pressure is off in that way. Hopefully everyone will stay fit and enjoy the experience of fight training and fighting too. This is an unload week for the fighters so the intensity of the sessions is down to about 70% and we’re doing a lot of skill work. Next week it ramps up again to 100% and will do so for the last two weeks and then back down to maintenance training for the week running up to the fight. It’s been good so far, we have a couple of niggly injuries and illnesses which will hopefully settle down this week and leave the guys in the clear for the last few weeks hard training.


One thought on “What's the name of that piece of music?

  1. 1. Glad you’ve sold almost all the tickets.2. I’m pissed that work is getting in the way of me be able to take advantage of everyone else being at 70%.3. We are going to get you totally boxed off program wise this weekend so make sure you keep time free Saturday or Sunday to do that.4. You and any of your fighters reading this should know that anything I can do to help ‘injury wise’ before the their fights I will do.

    Posted by Will Heffernan | November 20, 2008, 1:09 pm

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