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Yes it's 2am again

What breed of saddo am I? It’s 2am, I can’t sleep and I’ve chosen this time to update my blog, now that I’ve taken care of some paperwork that is. It’s annoying to be lying in bed with 1,000 things running through your head, and worse again when you get up to try to solve them and realise that aside from making a list and sending some emails, you can do fuck all until the morning when the rest of the sane world are up and about.

Anyway really surprised I can’t sleep because this morning I did this:
Bike – 5mins easy

Rower – 4x500m with 60 sec recovery between efforts…near on max effort.

1A Bent Over Barbell Rows
1B Barbell Push Press

32 reps of each in 10 minutes with 40kg

Rower – 4x500m as above

2A Close Grip Bench Press
2B Close Grip Lat Pulldown

49 reps of each in 10 minutes.

Rower – 4x500m with 60 second recovery between efforts

3A Bicep Curls
3B Hanging Leg Raises
3C Overhead Tricep Extensions
3D Standing Ab Pulldowns

60 reps of each in 10 minutes…we used 30kg on the bi’s, tri’s and ab pull downs.

I thought I was going to honk during the push presses but really the overiding feeling of this session was utter exhaustion. I felt like I had nothing in the tank during the rows which is a feeling I’m only beginning to now get used to under Will. Thought I did okay on the second set of bench/pulldowns but was let dowm from making it an even 50 with a failed rep on my last bench. The ab/knee raise/curls thing sounds easy but after a hellish session before I jut wanted home and bed. Now I’m home and was in bed up to an hour ago and can’t sleep. There is no justice.


One thought on “Yes it's 2am again

  1. What a loser…I can’t believe you are up at this hour working….you must be an idiot.The feeling you describe in your post is one that you’ll get used to…I have that effect on a lot of people.

    Posted by Will Heffernan | December 5, 2008, 3:10 am

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