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I'm a Busy Man Dammit!

Which I hate. Anyway apprently I’m “in the well” on boards.ie’s fitness forum. It’s this idea where one significant poster to the forum a week gets asked loads of questions. To my dismay, none of them have been about my magnificent facial hair, or carrying off thinning hairlines successfully. Paul was kind enough to ask a question on something I’m really interested in, the music of Europe. For the answer to that and other questions, go here.

I have been busy, here’s what I’ve done since the last update.

Monday- BJJ. Piss poor session, low quality rolling, no drilling.

Tuesday morning- strength, must keep diary better. Loads of stuff I’m forgetting about!
500m Rower x 3
Hip pop ups
Standing ab pulldowns- 5×12
Swiss ball Hanstring curl, supersetted with glute ham raise, 3×8
Box squats, 3 w/u sets then 5×3 with 75kg and 80kg
Pull ups:
3w10lbs in the x-vest
3w15lbs in the x vest
3w 15lbs in the x vest with a last failure
3w 10lbs n the x vest which Will and Damian called me a pussy on because I didn’t let out fully on the last.
Inverted rows, 5×8
Raises and Natrual reverse hypers, 3×12

Tuesday evening MMA sparring. Okay session, some good stand up rounds, wasn’t at all in my game for MMA

Wednesday morning Muay Thai. Just Paddy and me although I think that this session is a grower. 10am and the last 4 weeks now we’ve had at least 4 people in the gym of a Wednesday. If you want to know where Robbie has got to, he’s a morning person now!


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