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I burned a whole 7 calories today

But I ate about 4,000.

So I’ve taken a few days off because of my knee which is still a bit sore but today I skipped a bit, hit the bag a bit, did some single leg squats (probably a bit hazardous that but wanted to test it- shut up it’s my body) and generally faffed about in the gym. Will Heffernan reckons he can get fattest the fastest but I reckon no one can do as much damage in a short space of time to his body as I can. All I’ve eaten since Saturday is cake and greasy meat and I reckon I’ll do likewise for another couple of days yet until my depression clears. In short, I was 77.2kgs on Friday, I’m 84kgs today. Take that body.

The show must go on. Stephen and Keith were in this morning preparing for their fights on april25th at K.O. 2. They did 3 sets of 6 max effort 30 kick outs, and in between did 2 x 10 minute conditioning blocks. They were rightly wrecked afterwards, but with just 4 weeks to go to their event they’re starting to step it up. Well, Stephen is anyway. Keith is keeping busy and only fought in a tough bout at the weekend so he’s always on.


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