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Operation abs!

More on Operation Abs at the end of this post.

There’s a good discussion on weightlifting technique going on here. Some really good coaches read Will’s blog so there’s always some nuggets of info in the comments. I haven’t even attempted an Olympic lift for about 8 months except for some technical work at a few training weekends I’ve been on, and the max on those days was 30kgs. So this morning, in part because I had nothing better to do and in part because I wanted to do something different, I weightlifted for the first time in a long time. I’ll detail it below but firstly here’s what me and Capper did last night. It was a decent session which I have dubbed:

Capper and Barry’s Lovely Time
Warm up- Pull aparts, bench shrugs, shoulder stretching, lat stretching
Bench partials
Barry Capper
40kg x10 40kg x10
70kg x 5 60kg x 5
75kg x 5 70kg x 5
80kg x 5 70kg x 5
80kg x 5 70kg x 5
85kg x 3 75kg x 5

Bench ab curls 3 x 12
3 way bridge 30sec front, 30 sec right side, 30 sec front, 30sec left side, 30sec front

Trap bar deadlift, low handle position
Barry Capper
60kgs x10 60kgx10
100kg x 5 70kgx5
110kg x 5 80kg x 5
120kg x 5 90kg x 5
130kg x 5 100kg x 5
140kg x 5 110kg x 5

Back raises/reverse hyper superset 3 x 12


So Capper is easing himself back into it by getting back into it very quickly. It’s been 8 months since he’s done anything strength wise so while the loading is low for his previous standards the session is about the same as one he’ll be doing in the near future. He’ll just be able to do bigger numbers. For example in August 08 he was squatting 135kgs for 3 reps and last night he was struggling with his last set of deadlifts. For me, this was quite a weak session and I wasn’t all that happy with it. My bench numbers seem to get lower every time I lie under the bar so I think it’s time to get Will to have a look at my technique again. I lost an 85kg partial last night after being really comfortable on the other reps. The deadlift was fine except for the fact that I tore a callous on set 3 and really struggled on the next two sets.

This morning I did the following:
Pull aparts/dislocates etc. (you all know the deal by now)
Overhead squat warm up 30kgs x 10
I was planning on doing some snatch grip hang cleans but discovered my thumb won’t allow a snatch grip. (I think I’ve fractured my thumb… again)
Pulls 40kgs x10
Hang cleans 40kgs x 10

40kgs x 5
50kgs x 3
60kgs x 3
65kgs x 3
70kgs x 3

Overhead work- Split Jerk
60kgs x 3
I had planned on 5 sets of 3 but the thumb won’t let me do them. Grrr.

I have to say I found it really enjoyable to do them again. The loading wasn’t very high on the cleans but I really just wanted to find my groove on the technique. The last set wasn’t great, I think I power cleaned and flopped a bit under the bar, but I don’t know as I can’t find my camera to tape anything. Anyway, I love to lift like this and it’s something I’d like to do a bit more of, but priorities mean I can’t do it enough to be either good at it or for it to have much benefit. That said, they’re nice to revisit from time to time.

Ah yes, Operation Abs.
So I discovered the other week that I’ve only really bothered having a six pack when I’ve had a fight coming up. Other than that I couldn’t really care less about what I look like it’s just that around fight time I tend to have less body fat. At a conservative estimate, I’d say I’m 90% bodyfat right now. Okay a small exageration but I’ll get Will to do my skinfolds this week and see where I’m at. Anyway, I think it would be kind of interesting to get in really good shape out of season. I’ll keep you updated.


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