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Things are still progressing

Not that I’ll be crying into my cornflakes, but this week is the last week of classes in KO Martial Arts. It’s been two years since we moved into these premises and at the time they represented such a huge change from the old hall we were renting. In a few weeks time we’ll probably be wondering how we ever got along without a ring, and a cage wall, and all the strength equipment. But if you’re old school as some of you are you’ll know that it used to be that the biggest job we ever did was putting away the mats at the end of class. Ah ye olden days.

Back to the present. Amanda, grant and Glen are fighting in just under two weeks and they’ve been training hard. Well, Amanda has, the other two have been whining away like a pair of little girls for the most part but they’re making some progress. To give you an idea of how Amanda is coming, she strength tested on Monday and from a standing start of exactly zero push ups in November, she did 23 full depth push ups in a minute, benched 37.5kgs, deadlifted 85kgs. She still has some work to do with her inverted rows and pull ups (it’s really close now!) but she has made some incredible progress. She has some weight to lose to make weight for her fight which will take place at 56kgs but she doesn’t crib or moan about it she just gets on with it.

here was Saturday’s Session:
30 second punch outs x 10. 30 on, 30 rest repeated 10 times.
Work block 1
45 second punch outs, 45 rest x8
Work block 2
30 second punch outs, 30 rest x 10
Work Block 3
Some wall drills for takedowns etc. Just light practise at the end.

here’s everyone in the middle set of punch outs.

It was a good, hard session, and now there’s only two left in the whole fight run in.

Happy Birthday Son!
No not my real son. My red headed stepson turned 18 on Monday which means he can legally drink after his fight on June 13th. I don’t know what he’ll be like with drink on him but I can only imagine it will be bad. So I’ll go home early that night thanks very much.

Ab watch!
Yes I’m aimaing for some abs as you might remember. Well I haven’t made a good attempt so far as it was a lovely weekend for eating ice cream. The tan has helped though! Seriously I’m down a little bodyfat so I’ll get the calipers out for the next update to see my BF%.


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