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I haven't been doing nothing you know

I’ve been training away, doing 2 sessions some days and trying to get back into the swing of things in preperation for a fight in August. The worst thing about doing this is not sleeping as much as I used to. The curse of being a parent to a small baby is that 6 hours is a fantastic night’s sleep and feels like a lie in. Luckily, my new boy is quite a good sleeper and I’ve adjusted a little bit to the sketchy sleeping patterns so I feel pretty good. Here’s a sample session from myself Shayn and Grant on Thursday morning.

Warm up
4×1.5 minute skipping rounds (quite fast with a 10 second sprint at the end. 15 seconds rest between rounds

10 minute block:
The kit was set up in 4 corners of the matted area, which meant that there was roughly an 8 metre jog between stations. We would jog to each station, perform whatever the station required and then jog on, the idea being that we were constantly on the move without any stopping for the whole time period.
1. push ups-4
2. Kettlebell cleans- 2
3. goblet squats- 4
4. Baby Grant Dutch Gold Lift*- 4

4×1.5 minute skipping rounds

10 minute block:
Same format as before:
1. Baby Grant drag
2. Kettlebell single arm push and row- 2
3. Goblet Squats- 4
4. Ring Pull ups- 4

4×1.5 minute skipping rounds


*Baby Grant is a 40kg MMA dummy/punchbag, so called because Grant was convinced after the first round that it weighed as much as him. We weighed it, it doesn’t.

Then Thursday evening we did a mega BJJ session that almost killed some people. We started out with a 2 minute round, then increased the round time by 1 minute until the last round which was 10 minutes long. Fair play to everyone for sticking with it. One of the things I was laughing about at the last Thursday session was how many people start the Thursday night rolling at 8pm, and how many finish it at 9.30. The answer- not many. But this week only one guy dropped out because he had an appointment to get his nails done or something. It was great, I was exhausted afterwards and I slept the sleep of the dead that night.

Over the weekend I turned my phone off and put my laptop away and took a whole weekend to myself to share with my girl and my two boys, and I didn’t miss technology one bit. It was nice not having the phone ringing and even nicer just knowing there wouldn’t be an email waiting for me. Lo and behold, the world didn’t end and any contacts I had over the weekend were easily manageable this morning before I went training.

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