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Today was a good day

Two posts in a day eh? I must be busy.

I had a busy day today and a very enjoyable couple of training sessions. This morning myself and Paddy did:
Skipping to warm up
5 rounds on the thai pads
3 rounds sparring

I am not ashamed to say that I was wrecked. WRECKED. After the pads I thought I was going to die, then me and Paddy beat the tar out of each other for 3 rounds, and when I say me and Paddy I mean Paddy beat the tar out of me. Great fun, sparring is so much better in a ring. Also it was a really simple session, skipping, pads, sparring which I like from time to time.

Later on we had a dojo invasion from 7 of the lads from SBG in Long Mile Road. We did an excellent session of nogi BJJ. All of the guys who were over were training for as long as I’ve been involved in Irish MMA and longer which means that they have an awful lot of experience, so it was a great opportunity to just roll and get some valuable experience. Unfortunately for me, my leg kept cramping up, which I realised was a consequence of getting some very big leg kicks off Paddy earlier. It kind of spoiled the last few rounds but luckily I’d had a good 4 or 5 before that.

So today was:
4 skipping rounds
5 pad rounds
3 sparring rounds
cycle 5k fast
90 mins BJJ rolling
cycle 5k very slowly.

So quite a lot of volume at pretty high intensity. To make matters worse I’m on a solidarity no-carb thing with my girl so I couldn’t even have a big feed between sessions, and there’s not a hope of me catching some winks in the afternoon these days. I’ll have to start catching naps in the car, or failing that, on the bike. I’m back in the gym with Will tomorrow morning and I really hope it’s a strength session, but let’s face facts, I will be on the rower doing intervals.


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