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I just got internet blasted…

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Well, if you’ve met me, you’ll know that everything this guy has said is true. The therapy isn’t working that much is clear. Where to next for Barry?

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Originally Posted by Roper View Post
Yeah I think you’re wrong so I must be stirring. And it’s been conclusively shown in customer service studies on market dynamics that the 30 plus age bracket enjoy silliness and not copping themselves on. That might be one to take note of in your next get rich qui… eh entreprenurial scheme.

You think I’m wrong yet you are the one who is againt big commercial gyms to begin with. I think you’re a hypocrite. I’ve made valid points here, I admitted because the majority disagree with me that I got it wrong on this occassion, It’s not so much that people think I’m wrong, I’m sure people would also like to live in a world where big companies don’t treat customers like dirt, it’s the fact that I don’t have a leg to stand on because 1) my mate ended up paying and 2) They are a big company so this is standard practice “apparently”. I disagree with it being standard practice and it’s probably a primary reason why a lot of so called big companies are in the **** right now. I’ve admitted I’m running out of bait here – I’ve never seen you admit when you get it wrong and you get it wrong a lot not just with your points but with your behaviour.

You clearly don’t see this because you come across as a guy who is lacking in many departments – manners, humility and just being a decent guy now and again instead of a downright dick who enjoys attempting to put people down at every shot you can get. It’s pathetic and gets very tiring. I really think you need to act your age and set an example to people in your industry because your attitude stinks. I’d personally love to see what you’re like in real life – see where the issues lie but I’m not that interested because people like yourself are best avoided as they are a waste of time.

So, what do you think? Does he like me?


One thought on “I just got internet blasted…

  1. you come across as a guy who is lacking in many departments – manners, humility</iThis sounds about right! Regarding the rest…I wouldn't hold a place on the mantle for his christmas card

    Posted by Colin | July 2, 2009, 4:31 pm

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