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Quick as a flash update

The last few days have been great for training, I just wish I wasn’t so damn tired so I could enjoy them more.

Tuesday, the day after my last update, I went over to Will in what is now becoming known as “the old gym” for a session. I really thought I was going to get the rower for intervals but Will took one look at me, took sympathy and I had a nice low intensity strength session instead along with some mobilisation work for my back. Myself and Will had a chat before about my back and it’s problems and his contention was that not training was more dangerous to me than training. Well, with the new gym and family commitments occupying much of my time, I haven’t been able to do as much prehab or strength work as I’d like, and sure enough my back has been troubling me. The noises coming out of my spine during the mobilisation work on Tuesday were actually a bit scary. I don’t think I’m able to let my guard down on the back issue just yet.

That night I got punched in the face repeatedly by a really good fighter who was over training with us. I asked for it, literally. I needed to work my GnP and takedown defence against the cage wall as that’s where I’d lost both of my last two fights, so I took the chance to make that happen. It wasn’t pleasant but progress never is.

And happily, The BOM is here. That might not mean a lot to you but it means a lot to me as we now have someone to look after all of those things I’m rubbish at- book keeping, writing stuff down, remembering things etc. etc. That means more time for blogging! Ah no just kidding, that actually means more time for being busy at other things like coaching and preparing the new gym.


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