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I’m going to flesh out this entry on monday with some video and photos if I can get a willing model so check back.

A question I get asked a lot is regarding the blog and the fact that I post up a lot of the workouts and test results for myself and the rest of the folks who fight out of Informed Performance. The gist of the questions is that I’m giving something away by detailing this stuff, that by reading the blog and watching the videos, opponents can get the edge or that others can nick the workouts and material we use. The quick answer is that I’m not worried about what others do, but that would make for a fairly short blog entry so let’s assume for just a minute that I am very worried. Oh the worry. It keeps me awake at night. Blah blah blah.

Firstly, if someone has so little confidence in their own training that they feel the need to come on and nick some of ours, then I am delighted to have one of my guys fight them next, thank you very much. Sign on the dotted line please. Secondly, only about probably 10% of what we do makes it to the blog, if even that much. I teach about 15 hours of just classes per week, and then do probably the same in fight team training and private lessons and then another 4-5 hours of my own training either on my own or with Will. Very little of it makes it to the blog, mostly because of time constraints. What does make it to the blog when I have time tends to be whatever is running through my head at that moment, or because people ask me a question that I feel the need to answer. So in short, if you come on here looking for a complete training plan, you’re going to fall very short.

The next reason I don’t worry is because nobody really knows what you’re doing, even if I write it down. If I write down 3 rounds of sparring, what does that mean? 3 rounds of hard sparring? 3 rounds of light sparring? 3 rounds of compliant sparring? If you see resisted shooting, what sort of band were we using? Were we trying to get as many as possible or were we trying to make sure the quality was high and only looking for a few? I’m sure you see my point.

So what I’m going to do is show you today’s session done two ways. I’m going to take some sample exercises from today’s session and record two methods of performing them. Neither will be wrong, in fact they’ll both be right to a certain degree depending on the goal of the session.

This morning, we did the following:
Mobility warm up
1) 1.5 minutes of skipping with a 15 second rest- repeated 5 times
2 minute’s rest
2) 6 minute round

  • Baby Grant throws
  • Max power kicks
  • goblet squats
  • push ups
  • Kettlebell clean and press
  • Resisted shots

1 minute rest
3) 6 minute round

  • Baby Grant throws
  • Shots
  • Kettlebell split squats
  • Walking push ups
  • Kettlebell snatch
  • resisted bear crawls

2 minute rest then 1), 2), 3), and 1) again to finish.
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