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Ode to a Prowler

I ran an MMA conditioning class yesterday. Ordinarily I start with a vague concept if what I want from the session, and then wait until everyone shows up before writing up the session proper since I may have 5 or 15 depending on how much people have consumed or slept the night before. Yesterday I had a perfect 6, or rather I had 5 grapplers/MMA athletes and 1 basketball player who was due a conditioning session. So I set them into two teams and declared that we would do C2 with a small twist.


This is the uphill stretch... ow

Ordinarily, C2 is done with two 15 minute prowler push blocks where the goal is 10 pushes. This time, I raced them. They had as much time as it took them to do 30 reps per team, and anything below the 15 minute marker allocated for the push would be additional rest. I liked this more the more I thought about it. How ironic, the harder you work, the more you can rest, or you can have less rest and take it easy. Thankfully, since people were racing against another team, they all chose to go hell for leather and finished in under 11 minutes per team both times.

I enjoy coaching these sessions as I like to hear the swearing, the grunting and people cursing me. People’s real feelings always come out in these sessions. It’s a good thing I’m thick skinned.

In other news, I get my cast off on Tuesday morning. I can’t wait for it although there’s a good chance that they’ll put another one right back on or even schedule a surgery. Any doctor who tells me that will get a dig, broken hand or not.


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