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All quiet on the blogging front

There’s been a lack of posting here, and for that I’d like to formally apologise to my reader. Sorry Ma, I’ll do better in 2010.

I’ve taken a bit of a week off since the fight show went off. I haven’t done a whole heap of work, I’ve just trained and coached a bit as my head was melted after dealing with the show, the after party, the cleanup and so on. But the sleeping has been great.

The show did well. Not as well as we’d hoped but considerably better than we’d feared. I suppose every event is that way, you take that leap of faith that people will show up and just try to put on the best show you can if they do. As it was, we had about 250 people watch the fights, and I thought it was a great one. We had some slow fights, two (yes two) disqualifications but then once the crowd got going and the fights gathered momentum, we had a great show on our hands.

There’s so much I want to do in 2010 with the gym, the team, the classes, the kids, the teens, that for the first time ever I’m going to make a list. I’ve never been one for lists, or organisation of any sort for that matter, but the time has come to get myself a bit better organised. Keep an eye out for the new timetable which is being released this week and will start in January. It’s really the one we wanted to have originally, with a lot of morning and afternoon classes available and a new class. Actually, let’s spend a paragraph on that class right now.

I think, from talking to people, the main difficulty people have when thinking about joining a class or a gym is that they’re not sure what to expect, and until they have an idea, they won’t pay a membership. It’s understandable. The problem we have is that if we give away a free class in our normal timetable (as we used to) the person who comes in for that class obviously takes up more time than anyone else as they need more attention from the coach to get going. This is okay, but that means that the regular guys don’t get as much attention and coaching as they could. We’ve solved that problem (eh, we think).

We’re giving away one free class per week. It will be on Thursday nights from 7pm to 8pm in the evening and will be an introduction to the way that we train at IP. Tell your friends!


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