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Some stuff to look forward to in 2010

1. The many BJJ tournaments- starting on January 10th and going right through until May there will be at least one tournament per month. We’ve never had it so good.

2. Rafael Mendes and Guilherme Mendes giving two seminars on Feb 3rd and 4th- The world’s most exciting grappler right now and his fellow black belt brother are coming to Dublin. And better yet, they’re coming to OUR gym. So eh, say thank you. Go on.

3. The new timetable- yes I know it seems slightly less exciting than the other stuff, but it’s worth noting that I spent many’s an hour thinking about how best to fit everything in. So, I demand some recognition, and putting it as number 3 is it.

4. Lotsa fights- starting on February 5th with Amanda’s fight in Cage Contender. After that I’m back in the saddle towards March/April and so will a few others. I might not have mentioned anything to them yet but we’ll ignore that.

5. Wrestling- yes, wrestling. It’s not on the timetable, nor will it be but I will be wrestling every Friday afternoon at 5pm. Drills, technique and wrestling. If you want to join me, please do. If no one joins me, I’ll wrestle on my own and look like a tit. Please join me.

6. More morning classes- yes I know I already mentioned the timetable, but like I said before, I want recognition for my hard work. The informal has become formal as of today. Every morning bar Friday we’ll be doing pads, grappling, boxing, wrestling… in other words, get out of bed shiftworkers/bums/students.

7. Muay Thai- This is the year we’re going to see the fruits of Paddy’s loins. No, wait, wrong saying. The fruits of Paddy’s labours was what I meant. I know he’s eyeing up some amateur fights in the near future for his peeps.


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