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This was the day that was today, and it was pretty much the way everyday has been for the last 3 weeks or so. Just change the names of the exercises and switch some of the sessions around.

Session 1: Muay Thai pads with The Paddy

1rd boxing, 1 rd kicking, 3 more rounds of whatever. trying to get my right kick to do it’s thing and trying to knock some butter out of my shins. Followed by 50 right kicks on the bag for some deadening effect. I couldn’t do the left today as it’s too damn sore.

Session 2, strength/repetition-

IP Warm Up

Barbell row 5×15 (40kgx3,50kgx2) supersetted with

Push press 5×8 (40kgx4, 50kgx1)

Fitter Bridging 3×60 with 30 second break owooowww these are unbelievably hard on the abs

Goblet squat 3×12 (1x20kg, 1x30kg, 1x40kg)

Russian Twists 3×20

I think this is the easiest of the 4 sessions per week. Today I didn’t have a lot in the tank but I just switched off and got through it. Fitter bridging is awesome. It’s rare that you really feel like you don’t want to do an exercise. My fat gut was fried coming to the Russian twists after the 3×60 second intervals on that evil yoke.

Then home for lunch, only today I went out for come coffee and a chicken Caesar bagel. Then home for a nice bit of grub for dinner and then back to the gym to coach for 3 and half hours. However lo and behold, there were only a few for both MMA and Muay Thai tonight so we pooled our resources and I trained in with the thai guys for the night.

 Session 3: Muay Thai

6x3min  rounds of:

Clinch w/big ass belly pad and knees

Full thai

Power kicking x2

Boxing x2

After which I did a 5 min pro MMA round with Pshhh which was tough but fun.

Today was a good day. I’ve been having quite a few of those of late.


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