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Wrasslin Friday

Quiet day yesterday. Did some coaching work with a school in the morning and I’m not ashamed to say that my ass was dragging once the caffeine wore off which was luckily after I’d finished coaching. Coaching kids is great fun. Sure you get the odd moany teen with no interest in what you’re doing, but the energy of the rest of them more than makes up for it. The term organised chaos springs to mind. Yesterday’s class was in a mixed school I work with, and it was loud during the class, but all boys schools are far noisier. I suppose the ratio of tesosterone to oestrogen is what causes that. I teach BJJ to them for the most part, although I do some boxing and kicking with them too.

The after effects of a triple session on Thursday must have kicked in once I sat in the car after this. I went home, played snakes and ladders for a bit, did some work and ate and when it came time to train I could barely lift my rear off the couch. But lift it I did, and went up to wrestle. We did a great session. some warm ups, then some drills and some breakdown technique. we did some fun scrambling drills I do with the kids and then we wrestled for a ten minute ‘winner stays on’ round. I’m tired this morning but luckily today is Saturday which means I have a neon sign in front of me which reads ALL YOU CAN EAT. Today is my day off my diet, and I’m just about to cycle to training.


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