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The Blog Post To Catch Up On All The Other Blog Posts That I Haven't Done

It’s January and I’m busy. I’m busy training, working and training, in that order. I’m also busy at home looking after my son Smiley who hasn’t been well for the last few weeks. So I’m afraid the blog has been one of the items to suffer from neglect. Here’s a substantive post to make up for that. I hope to blog a bit more now that things have settled down.

Firstly, it’s January. For a variety of reasons my training took a back seat towards the end of last year as I focussed on some other projects. I really only kept my hand in, training once or twice a week. After a few false starts in December I’m back on the bike with a new programme and lots and lots of good quality training. Here’s my new programme.

Session 1A
IP warm up
Dips 5x8 supersetted with
Inverted Rows 5x15
back raises 5x8
Bulgarian Split Squats 3x12
Glute Ham Raise 3x5

Session 2A
IP warm up
Kettlebell Press 5x15 supersetted with
Dumbell Rows 5x8
Ab Roll Outs 3x12
Reverse Lunge 3x12
Side bridge 3x60

Session 1B
Ip Warm Up
Pull Ups 5x8 supersetted with
Push Ups 5x15
Reverse Hypers 3x8
Single leg RDLs 3x12
Step Ups 3x12

Session 2B
Ip Warm up
Barbell Row 5x15 supersetted with
Push press 5x8
Fitter Bridging 5x60sec
Goblet Squat 3x12
Russian Twists 3x20

So what do you notice? Number 1 should be that there is more or less no sexy movements on here. I am not throwing kettlebells and I am not doing a conventional squat, bench or deadlift. What I am doing is a lot of single arm and single leg movements, a lot of bodyweight repetition movements and a lot of posterior chain movements. One of the single key things that doesn’t come across in the iProgrammes (not iPrograms, see what I did there?) but might be more visible here is that I am not failing on a single rep. There is no failure. Failure is not an option and so on. For me, and I’d hazard for most people reading this, being strong isn’t half as important as being healthy and able to train consistently. Strength is an afterthought, the point of this programme is, given my injury history, to put rep after rep of good movement in the tank to avoid injury. This programme will not make the cover of Muscle and Fitness, but it will keep me injury free, and improve my strength without the risk of injury. I’m in week 3 now and aside from some of the normal stiffness and day to day pain I have, my back feels good and mobile. In addition to this I’m doing a heap of foam rolling, pull aparts, ITWs and scap work.

I’m Brazilian Jiu Jitsu crazy. By now everyone should know that. So when I confirmed that probably the most exciting guys in BJJ right now are coming to our gym I got about as excited as a kid at Christmas. Rafael and Guilherme Mendes are amazing grapplers so to have them here will be great. If you haven’t signed up yet, get it done. as soon as the sheet is full, it’s full.


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