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A good week's work, another good one ahead

But it’s not work if you enjoy it.

Yesterday was Saturday, and the best way of describing Saturday morning workouts would be intense. Amanda came in at 10am, she’s training for a fight on Cage Contender and yesterday was a sparring/heavy conditioning day for her. I took her through some padwork followed by 3 rounds of technical MMA working on tactics. There’s a whole interesting post on tactics versus strategy in me somewhere, I just can’t find the time to write it. Suffice to say that people confuse tactics with strategy when looking to plan for events. I have a strategy for this fight but the tactics were what we worked yesterday. Amanda is really coachable and looks after herself extremely well, and what that means is that when she does 3 or 4 rounds of pads, she’s still got plenty left in the tank and is still able to pick up skills and new technique. Working with her is great because of this.

After her rounds, we did some mixed conditioning, and I jumped in for this too.

Round 1- kettlebell floor press, slow down/fast up push up, punch outs. All done for 45 seconds each, no break. We went around 3 times.

Round 2- Goblet squats, pad jumps, kick outs. Again 45 seconds and done 3 times.

I was pretty cooked after these, even though the work we did only lasted about 20 minutes. I’m really happy with my week’s training on a personal level, and I’d have to say that this week has been a really good one for coaching too. We seem to have a nice bunch of new guys coming through into the beginner’s classes, really willing to learn. Will said he saw two guys with a notebook on the mats on Tuesday, going through what they had done in the class the night before. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ll help those who help themselves and the more people want to train, the more I’ll train them and I hope I can help them to get what they want out of the gym.

P.S. Thanks to Damian (his blog is here) for the new look. The old blog was okay but this one is excellent. Suggestions on how to improve this are always welcome.


One thought on “A good week's work, another good one ahead

  1. To all in IP send me on any photos or gathered electronic items you have. I will endeavour to put them all together in a sequential order for 2009 and leading into 2010.

    This is only version 1

    Posted by Damian | January 18, 2010, 9:39 am

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