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Monday is NoGi time

BJJ is just the best sport in the world, and here’s why.

Number 1. You get to stay indoors. This is good in Ireland as let’s face it, the climate is miserable.  Number 2, you get to wrestle people. This is also good. Number 3, your training partners love it for the same reasons you do, and the best thing about that is that they can’t quite describe why they love it either. The atmosphere at a BJJ class is always great.

I had a class chock full of beginners last night, most guys were there less than a month and we did one of the fundamental positions in BJJ, and one of the least trained- bottom.  Getting pinned is hard even when you know how to escape, so it’s important to get really good at it. For anyone who missed the session, the outline of what we did is on the whiteboard at the bottom of the stairs. If I’m around, grab me and I’ll go through it with you, or you can grab one of the guys who were at the class and get them on the open mat.

Here’s what I did yesterday-

Session 1A


Dips (3x8bw, 1×8 bw+5kgs, 1×8 bw+10kgs) supersetted with

Inverted Rows (5×12)

Back raises (5×8)

Bulgarian Split Squats (1×12 BW, 1×12 bw+10kgs, 1×12 bw+15kgs)

Glute ham raise (1×5 full, 1×4 full +1 pike, 1×3 full +2pike)

Evening BJJ

Warm Up

8×5 min rounds. Something is starting to come back. I don’t want to jinx it but last night is the first night in a long time that I’ve felt things coming together in the way that they should on the mat. It happened about 5 rolls in so maybe, just maybe, my confidence in my back is returning. Maybe.

After the GHRs I had IOMS, not DOMS. IOMS- Immediate Onset Muscle Soreness. But my hammers are getting stronger because of this fantastic piece of kit. This morning I feel as though I was squatting a Steinway. I’m just about to pop off the chair and go do session 2A, I think I’ll need a good warm up.

See you in the gym.


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