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A quickie

Just cooking a nice supper and I have about 5 minutes while the oven is heatng, so I thought I’d update on my training this morning. I didn’t do much.

Session 2A

IP Warm Up

Single Arm Kettlebell/Dumbell Press (2×12 16kg kbell, 2×12 20kg dbell, 1×12 17.5kg dbell) supersetted with

Dumbell Row (1×8 22.5kg, 4×8 25kg)

Ab Roll Outs 3×10

Reverse Lunges (1×12 10kg, 1×12 15kg, 1×12 20kg)

Side bridging, 3x45seconds each side

Amanda arrived for her lunch time session so I flew through the lunges and bridging. As predicted, my legs are absolutely KILLING me. I am going to be all hamstring at the end of this programme. The shoulders will be sore tomorrow too, the 16kg bells are too light for 5×12 but the 24s are too heavy. I used the dumbbells but went too heavy, too soon and just about got the 4th set out having switched to 20kg bells. I decided to exercise caution and drop down to 17.5kg but even so I barely pressed out the last set. Good workout though. Tonight is my evening off classes so I’ll relax, get an early night and hit session 2B hard tomorrow morning followed by BJJ on Wednesday which I CAN’T WAIT FOR! Is this what addiction feels like? I must ask the next junkie I see.


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