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Upper pec day

Session 1A

Dips, 2×8@bw, 1×8+5kg, 1×8+10kg, 1×8+15kg Supersetted with

Inverted rows 5×12

Back raises 3×8 (looked at the sheet and I was supposed to do 5×8, but that was afterwards)

Bulgarian Split squats 1×12@bw, 2×12+10kg

GHR 3×5, some full, some piked. I went 3,3,2 full and finished each set with a pike or two.

Bagwork– just one ten minute round of intervals. Soft hitting but fast.

I sprained my wrist just a tad on Friday doing a wrestling drill. It’s still a bit sore and while I’d intended going heavier with the dips today, I couldn’t really support the weight beyond 15kgs, and even that was pushing it. Same with the split squats, that damned tight old man SI joint on the left was playing up so I went super light and I actually could have done a few heavier sets once these were done as I really loosened them out with the squats. Caution is the word these days.

Tonight I zhoo zhitsooed. A good few rounds of rolling with Stephen F (on his return), Andy, Amanda, Tom, Shayn and then Stephen again. I have terrible trouble passing Ste’s guard and he passes me like he’s walking through a door. I’ll have to figure out what he’s doing as he’s the only one I have this problem with, which means either a) he’s really good or b) he’s doing something special. Now we all know he;s coached by me, so that means he can’t be a) so he must be an idiot savante for BJJ, just like Rain Man. It’s one to figure out though.


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