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Strength test yesterday. Here’s the results.

Bodyweight 83.4kg

Bench Press 90kg, up 5kgs

Pull Ups 9, up 1

Push Ups 45, up 2

Inverted rows 26, up 1

I didn’t do the TBD as it was quite late in the day. This was a test to determine how to change my programme. The answer is not to change it at all bar perhaps upping the reps on the push ups and bodyweight rowing motions. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. My bodyweight is down and that is my best pull up score. I think I actually had another rep in me but my grip failed right at the bottom.

So on with the bodyweight show.

Session 1A

Dips 8xBW, 8xBW+5kgs, 8xBW+10kgs, 8xBW+15kgs, 8xBW+20kgs. Supersetted with:

Inverted rows, 5×15, I’ll be upping the reps on these to 18 next week

Back raises, 8xBW, 8xBW+10kgs, 8xBW+10kgs

Single Leg Split Squat, 3×12

GHR, 3×5. 1st set 3xfull, 2xall the way down, pike up. 2nd set ditto, 3rd set 2xfull, 3x all the way down, pike up.

Super session today. the dips are great I used to hate them but now I got the love.


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