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Critical thinking

Here’s the 2010 system of coaching. You may notice that it is very much based on the 2009 system, which itself was modelled closely on the 2008, but these things are mere coincidences. Firstly, the whiteboard at the bottom of the stairs is your friend. It’s also my friend. I’m not sure it has any feelings as such to reciprocate that friendship, but it will share important information with you so be nice to it. At the moment, some GAA Prowler pushing mofo has leaned against it, deleting all record of the last 4 weeks, but I’ll rewrite the stuff on Friday so you can catch up. It contains information on what we did in class the week before, and what we will do in class for the coming 5 weeks. I’m that organised. In years gone by, that information was stored in my head, but these days it lives outside. What this means is that if you miss a class, a week or even a few week’s training, you can catch up by seeing what is on the board, then grab myself or anyone who attended the class and they can show you what you could have been doing. It’s not ideal and obviously you should be just training but it’s better than nothing and you also get to refresh your memory if you were at the class but just need to bone up.

I’m also going to have a general what’s that who why when if but class every so often so people can ask the questions about things that have been bothering them about whatever floats their boat. This will be a good class for anyone who has been having trouble with something they’ve learned. It’s good to ask questions, everyone should ask more.

I’m all excited about tonight’s seminar. I was talking to one of the lads who took a private with them (hoping to do that myself tomorrow) and he was blown away. These guys are out of this world I can’t wait.

This morning’s training.

Session 2A

My own back circuit/warm up. YTWs, pull aparts etc

Pull ups 5×8 w/green band pause and go reps supersetted with

Push ups 5×15

Reverse Hypers 3×8

SLRDLS (aka the worst part of my week) 3×12 with 32kg

Step Ups 3×12 BW, +10kgs, +15kgs

Not as good a session as yesterday but we can’t have them everyday. Just got through it and there’s a huge difference in my back these days. Not so much as a complaint from it today on the pull ups. I absolutely HATE the SLRDLs but they’re important, like recycling.


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