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Ancient wisdom

I’m tired so don’t expect a long post today.

I said I’d post a bit on being “over 30” and still doing BJJ. I’ve just jotted some notes down to see what I’d write, and man is it depressing. So I’m not going to write that post at all. I can summarise it in a few bullet points:

  • You slow down
  • You get injured more
  • You have to look after yourself better

That’s really it. If I was to catalogue it better it would just sound like a moan. So if you’re over 30, stretch more, do some mobility work, foam roll and warm up. I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t know that? I don’t need to depress myself further by putting it in front of myself.  Screw it I don’t care for age. Once I hit 30 I stopped caring. I remember being 21 and thinking how old 30 year olds were and I’m sure the 21 year olds I train look at me the same way now. Now I’m 32 and people my age talk like we should be in a Werther’s Original ad. (“Now I’m the Grandad…”) Well here’s news. I can still make mincemeat of most of the “young” guys in my gym in conditioning sessions, I last longer on the mat and now I know more tricks. This isn’t your slide, this is your prime. I’m going to still say that when I’m 40. I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with something to justify it then too. Funny story though. I was in the car with Robert Drysdale when he was over and I was wearing a Guns n Roses tee shirt. He made some comment about “his generation” not really digging GnR. Up until that point I had sort of just assumed he was older than me. I mean, I knew he was in his late 20s, but my brain just hasn’t switched over to being older than people yet I suppose. So I say if you’re over 30, blare the Pearl Jam in the gym and fuck em if they call it oldies. Go smash a 19 year old in training tonight.

I promised myself I’d keep stuff like this out of my blog but I’m finding it hard not to be annoyed. Check out this idiot. http://www.independent.ie/national-news/antiscience-author-begs-lenihan-to-drop-launch-2336357.html  No not the author, who is just one of many delusional anti-evolutionists out there, but the Minister for Science, who is supposed to be the man in charge of the promotion of scientific values on this island. Instead he deems it appropriate to wade in clumsily on the side of the biggest threat to rational thought in the world today besides fundamentalism. There are two things at play as far as I can tell here. 1) A minister who is either so complacent as to think he can engage in an obvious conflict of interest (constituent vote over public office) without recourse, or a man so stupid as to not see why this would represent a coup for those who promote anti-science, anti-reason and anti-intellectualism. 2) The current state of play is that you can say almost anything so long as you precede it with “in my opinion”. We have to “respect” others views no matter how ludicrous they are, and in a way, I do. If you want to believe that the world is made of Mars Bars and that it was created by Mickey Mouse, then I respect your right to believe that. But that respect only extends so far. I don’t expect your crazy (and not “believing” in evolution is crazy in the same way that believing the moon is made of cheese is) ideas to be leant any justification by the people I have elected to office.

End of rant. Young 32 year old out.


5 thoughts on “Ancient wisdom

  1. My bjj is much better now then it was in my 20s. Having said that, I did take up bjj when I was 29.

    Posted by neil | September 14, 2010, 8:54 pm
  2. I don’t see the uproar over this John May guy, and I don’t see how it’s anti science either. The guy isn’t pushing religion, he’s pushing the fact that we are using evolution to explain what we don’t understand.

    Posted by Ciaran | September 14, 2010, 9:16 pm
  3. And I’m gonna put it out there, I only know fuck all about evolution, bar what was thrown at me in college (I get the basic jist) so if someone wants to throw me a book on it, feel free. That’s throw TO me, not at.

    Posted by Ciaran | September 14, 2010, 9:28 pm
  4. hi , barry fred here …. i’m all the way with you man …
    i’m forty next year , i haven’t trained for the last six months as fixing the house and family issues …. now i’m back down south … training wis that crazy brazilian guy who actually calm down or he is giving a lots more craps to his others student , maybe he thinks i’m crazy to come back to see him all the time , but i feel like shyte and i strech and i swim first things in the morning and i’ve started running and all of course i feel old but when you gained more then a stone in six month and you feel every day that i rather train every day then fix the house … tell you i don’t feel the age … i feel young and free cos of course i ‘ve looked after my body …. ps that mad brazilian guy showed me some submision from guards passing unreal stuff and some cool reverse but my fingers are in bits as we’ve worked from spider guard fingers caught in the gi and the sleeves ….. but thanks to yu you gave the passion for bbj big time ….. so i’ll be in touch just need to get fit again and to leave that cheese alone …. talk to yu soon ….

    Posted by alfred coupeau | September 18, 2010, 3:23 pm
  5. Ciaran I can give you some book recommendations?

    Neil don’t you mean 39? You’re at least 5 years older than me I’m sure.

    Fred glad I could pass on the passion! Enjoy the cheese it’s one fo the only things you French people do well!

    Posted by Barry Oglesby | September 22, 2010, 5:14 pm

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