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I was at the Irish BJJ Cup at the weekend, but not competing. I’d been off the mat for about 5 days with my neck and limited to only light work. I’ve learned from experience that realistically I get 2 weeks hard training and one week light. I didn’t really do the light week thanks to having loads of training partners and enjoying myself training too much, missed a couple of days of my prehab exercises and then heard the telltale “man standing on bubblewrap” sound from my neck while trying to flatten someone out one evening. Still, these little lay-offs are getting shorter and shorter and my neck seems to get less painful very quickly so it’s good news.

I waited right until the last minute to see if I could roll. The entry closed on Thursday evening and I wasn’t able to train that night very well so I called it a day and settled for watching. Then on Friday evening I rolled and felt fine. Typical. Still, it looks like I’ll have a couple of opportunities to compete before year’s end and may even head over for the English Open if budget permits.

I was at, I think, the 2nd attempt at an Irish BJJ tournament (in the gi) ever a long time back and I think there may have been 40 competitors. There were 160 there on Saturday I’m told. Nice one. I’m looking forward to my tournament, Grapplepalooza, on October 22nd now and pretty busy organising that. At the same time I’m paving the ground for The Fight Before Christmas 4 on December 2nd… which will be a strange experience as it will be the first fight show I’ve ever put on where I’ll be just the promoter and not the coach. Strange indeed, but I’m looking forward to it in many ways.

Also, eh, what else is happening… oh yeah. I’m back training personal training clients, which is also strange as it’s now 2 years since I did that. I posted it on my facebook account and had one client within 2 hours, which was nice. But I’m picky, not about who I train but about my hours. Essentially I won’t let work impact on my training or family life. I know you’re supposed to work those two around work, but I do it the other way. Luckily, a lot of people are the same and I always ended up with clients with similar stipulations. And hey, it’s a recession too, or so I’ve heard, so I understand being picky is strange. But I’m a lucky guy to have a few strings to my bow and to not be dependent on one source of income. And what’s a few extra quid if you miss your son’s football match?

Anyway, I personal train in fitness and martial arts. I also sing A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash. If you know of anyone who wants any of these services, pass on my details.


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