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The top 5 posts of 2011

So 2012 is here, and I thought I’d start the first blog by saying a big thank you to those who have read the blog this year since I started it in June. Just under 15,000 hits have been recorded in the last 6 months, so I suppose I’m either doing something right, or my writing style just attracts spambots better than anyone else. I get asked why I bother blogging, and the short answer is that I am very opinionated and egotistical, and have a slight God complex, so I naturally believe that when I say something people should listen. That line is a joke, but if you know me personally and find yourself nodding along, then I suppose I just self analysed. I enjoy writing; always have, so it’s important for me to do it regularly and blogs allow people like me to both write and be read. If I wasn’t blogging, I’d be writing in a notepad. Some people like to collect stamps, some like to play games… I write for fun and to relax.

I have a few things I’m going to put into action this year both with the blog and with my work in general. I’ll start with the first of them which is to share what I’m listening to while I’m writing each blog. So let’s start with that. Right now shuffle has chosen strange, multi-layered violin inspired weirdo Owen Pallett to write to. Recorded some of the strings on The Suburbs with Arcade Fire in case you’re wondering.

Secondly, I’ll be moving some of my more commercial concerns to this site away from the fightcampireland site which had previously contained all my services. I don’t like subtle advertising so I will be keeping my services out of the main blog but you’ll see some more pages appearing in the tabs. When I advertise something I like it to be sort of like this “come along to one of the classes I run. You might get something from it. I require currency in exchange. Thank you.” I like to treat grown ups as grown ups and I dislike reading blogs and articles where there are links to services or products throughout the material. My opinion is if you want me to buy something, drop a recommendation in a link at the bottom of the article and I might check it out. I prefer plain speaking and I try to practice what I preach.

When I say subtle I pronounce the b.

The next thing I’m thinking about doing is a workshop day for people interested in sport specific strength and conditioning training for martial arts. I’ve received a small bit of interest from people about this, mostly through this blog, and everyone who has contacted me has asked in particular about integrating conditioning into training schedules. I have a fair bit to say about this and I suppose I’ll write a bit about it one day soon, but I think there’s also a day’s chatting and demonstrating in it too. Off the top of my head were I to do it here’s what I’d like to do it on:

  • Warm ups- dos and don’ts
  • Preventing common injuries and arresting their progress once they start to occur
  • Programming for fighter type
  • Flexibility
  • Strength and conditioning with limited or no equipment
  • Core training for fighters
  • Caring for your neck and back
  • Periodisation

I’m sure I could think of some more, and maybe you’d have some suggestions. I would emphasise as always that I would never consider myself the authority on any of these topics, but what I do have is knowledge of the subject matched with real world experience of programming around fighters injuries, work schedules, moods, and their ever present need to be training in their chosen sport, not in the weight room.

If you would be interested in a day’s workshop, let me know at fightcampireland@gmail.com . Ideally I’d like to run it in late February as I’m pretty much booked out until then.

Oh yes, one last thing. My top 5 most read posts of last year.

5. My week in Poland during the summer

4. My semi-humourous review of Grapplepalooza

3. Advice from a financial buffoon on how to budget for training

2. Me, trying to be positive about something negative

1. You voted with your fingers, you really want to know how to get fitter for BJJ… by a margin of about 500 clicks.

That’s it. Happy New Year to you all.

see you on the mat



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