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Shopping for a Strength Coach

I hope you’re reading this post as a manager or coach who is hiring a Strength and Conditioning coach for the coming season, and I hope it makes you shop around. In the interest of full disclosure I’ll say that 2 days ago I was told that a team I was working with are not … Continue reading

Strength and Conditioning for Youth Teams

Strength and Conditioning Training for Gaelic Football I’ve been working with an underage Gaelic Football team now for the past 2 months with excellent results so far. This is approximately the 12th GAA team I’ve taken for an extended period. I thought I’d write a bit about the experience of coaching youth teams (which is … Continue reading

Keep intensity high!

Quick knowledge blast! Answered a pm on Facebook on this a few mins ago but let’s share since I’m in the mood and just got the WordPress app on my phone. I’ve just finished off a nice rack of lamb and I’m sitting listening to Jeff Buckley with a glass of milk while tapping away … Continue reading

The life of the coach

I’m going to start out with a shameless plug (this is my page you know) for Form and Function Training, the formal name for my strength and conditioning business. If you are a team, club, school, or individual who can benefit from my coaching, get in touch. Firstly let me state that this post is … Continue reading

Training Philosophy Central

I was asked the other day what my “training philosophy” was. I think everyone who has been around a while gets asked this from time to time. People want to know what the sort of central idea behind what you do is. I know that it’s something that interests me, and I suppose it’s a … Continue reading

Inspiration or Exploitation?

There’s a current trend in social media that gets me riled up. It’s where someone posts up a photo of a disabled person or an amputee performing a physical task along with the tagline “what was your excuse again?” It’s particularly popular among gym goers and trainers of the sort who also like to post … Continue reading

And we’re off and ranting…

Lots of things have been irritating me now for quite a while, but they’ve been just on the edge of my mind. I haven’t quite been able to grasp what it is yet but there’s been a niggle there. I don’t have a name for it, and I don’t even  think it’s something that has a name, … Continue reading

Self Defence for Dummies

Catchy title, but it should probably read: Self Defence for sensible people You can’t teach your granny how to suck eggs… anon. I always start my self defence talks to schools and businesses with the same quip. It’s meant as a humourous method of breaking the ice, but also makes a more serious point about … Continue reading

Pictorial weekly

Here’s some shots of my working week this week. I was either too busy or forgot to bring my phone to some sessions, so this is just a snippet of some of the sessions I thought. One week, if I remember to, I’m going to take a photo of every session I teach… assuming I … Continue reading

The top 5 posts of 2011

So 2012 is here, and I thought I’d start the first blog by saying a big thank you to those who have read the blog this year since I started it in June. Just under 15,000 hits have been recorded in the last 6 months, so I suppose I’m either doing something right, or my … Continue reading