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Inspiration or Exploitation?

There’s a current trend in social media that gets me riled up. It’s where someone posts up a photo of a disabled person or an amputee performing a physical task along with the tagline “what was your excuse again?” It’s particularly popular among gym goers and trainers of the sort who also like to post … Continue reading

Spring Camp with Nivaldo Oliveira

We’re right in the middle of a spring training camp with Checkmat black belt and Elite BJJ competitor Nivaldo Oliveira. ‘Nil’ has been working us hard for the first 3 sessions, and there are still 4 more big sessions to go. The focus so far has been on the X-guard, some entries, a couple of … Continue reading

Strength Training Template

There’s a lot of talk in professional circles about Continuous Professional Development, or CPD. The idea is that the world is moving so quickly that you need to keep up or you will be left behind. But I want to talk about an older phenomenon known as TTBOWTB, which will never catch on. But it’s … Continue reading

Someday never comes

Regrettably,  recently it’s been all work and no play for me. I don’t seem to be able to get more than a couple of hours here or there on the mat thanks to work and a sick little boy in my house. Hopefully my little guy gets well soon and I can start to train … Continue reading

Bah Humbug, I'll do it.

Anyone for privates? After some careful and reflective thought, a few beers and lots of people calling me stupid on Friday, and one of my mates laughing like a fucking hyena on Thursday, I’ve decided that yes, I will take on more personal training in the new year. This comes from taking to a friend … Continue reading


So, I’m looking for feedback on this one, maybe people can help by commenting. Basically right now I do ‘a few’ privates, with people of, ahem, varying bodytypes. One of the guys is a web developer who makes sites for people who want to sell stuff. He’s overweight, but on his way down quite quickly … Continue reading