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Spring Camp with Nivaldo Oliveira

We’re right in the middle of a spring training camp with Checkmat black belt and Elite BJJ competitor Nivaldo Oliveira. ‘Nil’ has been working us hard for the first 3 sessions, and there are still 4 more big sessions to go. The focus so far has been on the X-guard, some entries, a couple of sweeps and last night a footlock/guard pass combination.

Nil demands 100% from everybody whether you’re a grizzly veteran or a green grappler. We start every session with a hard warm up then a series of techniques. The real meat and bones is at the end of each class when we train and drill the positions. Nil likes to keep everything very intense so blue belts go with blue belts, heavyweights with other heavyweights and so on. The drilling is very intense, and Nil joins in the rolling with us which makes it extra hard! Aside from his guard, his method of passing is smash smash smash and he is able to shut down your guard very quickly and effectively with his pressure.

Nivaldo warming up. Ireland can be cold, especially to a Brazilian!

During the day, Nil has been training with me, doing some strength and conditioning work to enhance his game. I’m going to find some time next week to sit down and go through his training and explain why we’re doing the things we’re doing. Like all elite competitors, Nil has amazing skills on the mat, but could benefit from some more guided, BJJ focused, strength and conditioning training. We’ve been doing some interesting stuff all week and as always, I’m happy to share what those things are.

For now though, I have to go and carb up for tonight’s training session. It’s going to be a tough one again if the last 3 nights are anything to go by! I might be working Nil hard during the day, but he’s doing the same to me at night!


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