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Private Training

Bah Humbug, I'll do it.

Anyone for privates? After some careful and reflective thought, a few beers and lots of people calling me stupid on Friday, and one of my mates laughing like a fucking hyena on Thursday, I’ve decided that yes, I will take on more personal training in the new year. This comes from taking to a friend over the weekend who thought this would be like some sort of social experiment where he could see how long it took me to break. I actually think I’m quite good at it, and quite patient. Nobody has sacked me yet and I actually enjoy the limited amount of clients I work with. Mind you, anyone who I train right now or have done in the past has come directly to me, and hasn’t answered an ad or something like that.

While this isn’t exactly new territory for me, I do feel like a bit of a whore. I’ve sold out man…


2 thoughts on “Bah Humbug, I'll do it.

  1. Sell out!LOL

    Posted by Clive | December 21, 2008, 9:31 pm
  2. I’m still cool! I’m still cool!

    Posted by Barry Oglesby | December 22, 2008, 11:12 am

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