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Stress Relief

First of all, I was amazed to see the final of the -76kg ADCC at the weekend, Leo Viera versus Marcelo Garcia. This was a final that could have happened 5 years ago, never mind 2011. Marcelo‚Äôs game is just amazing, I never tire of watching him grapple. To see him back on the podium … Continue reading

Some Conditioning Work for MMA

Here is what the lads did today. Quite a small session with only 5 in attendance but everyone knows by now that they’re usually the best ones. The gym was set out into a 5 station circuit, of which one was a mini circuit in itself. The time was 5 minutes divided into 1 minute … Continue reading

LOADS of video.

In the interest of making my blog look a little better and in response to some slagging in the gym about it, I’m going to make a very informative post today, full of video footage and lots of stuff like that Here’s stage one of last night’s beginner MMA, or MMA101 as we call it. … Continue reading

I haven’t been as diligent with my updates of late, apologies for that. This month, as you can imagine, is the busiest month of the year for me. Lots of calls to field from people looking to train, lots of emails to answer from just about everyone, and lots of people looking to literally change … Continue reading

Final Week of training ahead

So we’re in week 11 of 12, and the guys are looking and feeling good. I’ll spare a bit of information in this post as the lads are yet to fight so we’ll see how that goes before I really assess things. But here is a rough idea of what I tried to achieve in … Continue reading

Punches in Bunches

An actual fog descended on the gym on Tuesday So last night we did a high quality boxing session, or at least it was supposed to be high quality. It looked like this 2 rds shadow boxing with sprawl every 30 seconds Actually for every round we did last night, there was a beep every … Continue reading

Maybe when he's 4

I was driving with my son (aged 3 and 1/2) today, on our way to playschool, oohing and ahing as only kids do at the sight of the frosty fields near our house. One of the only things I really like about where I live right now is the setting. Drive one way and it’s … Continue reading

Interesting Evening

Carb depletion, you’ve gotta hate it. You think you don’t need pasta and then you go and do a session like last night’s. Some of the guys are on the cut right now and one or two are slightly above target. One guy in particular has been set a diet to get him waaaaaayyy down, … Continue reading