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And so, it begins. The only thing more fun than doing these rounds is videoing these rounds.
And no Grant, I do not “love my blog”, it’s inanimate. It’d be like saying I love my car, which I sort of do, so in answer to your question, shut up.

I tried to get one of the hardest things in the world across to everyone last night. When you add punches, things stay the same, they just get harder and sorer. Clamming up and just guarding your sensitive bits when someone is pounding you saves you taking the hits in the short term, but is just staving off the inevitable. We spent a good half hour on that in MMA last night, doing different escaping drills from side control with your partner striking you. What everyone notices is that at first it’s hard, because nobody likes getting hit, but after you get over that and learn how to attack your opponent’s base then escaping becomes easier since he now has to rise up to hit you and creates more space.

Good fun all round and some good sparring on display last night too. The hard work starts here.


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