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Bí ag rith!

Go tapaidh!

I went for a quick 7ks last night. I haven’t been out on the roads in ages for one reason or another and I had a sore elbow yesterday that prevented me from lifting weights (couldn’t even squat!) so I decided to have an evening run instead. Running in the winter is much more satisfying than running in the summer. I know some people think I’m mad when they see me going by in shorts while they’re wrapped up in scarves, but the dark nights when it’s freezing are my favourite times, add in some rain and bingo, I’m as happy as a dog with two mickeys…. as the saying goes. I didn’t do a bad time considering, I was around in 36 minutes which is just short of 5 minute kilometre pace. Funnily enough, I was about 4k of the way around when I took my stupid shitty stopwatch out of my pocket (my HRM/timer watch broke) and saw that I was at 19 minutes 30. Jesus, I thought, I’m doing 4 minute clicks and I feel great. If I hold this pace for the last 3k I could finish inside 30 minutes! what a run that would be. So I held pace, and was cruising along right to the finish. I took my stopwatch out of my pocket to see the final, record breaking tally and it was….. 19:45… as in, the time of day was 19:45. The stopwatch switches to time mode after a while, so when I saw my 19:30 it was just the actual time. I switched the mode to see my run time and it was still pretty okay at 36. I’m a moron though.

Tonight, I get to do what I’ve always wanted to do, which is host the Olympic Games. Yes I know it’s a smaller scale than the Olympiad’s themselves, but on the plus side I don’t have to build unwieldy stadia that will lie empty for the rest of their existence. I’ll get some pics and maybe some vids if I get parental permission. Also, someone on the interweb has asked me if I would video our warm up and post it here, well, I sort of offerred, but now I’m torn between doing it or doing a complete mickey take like the time we made Glen hold the newspaper over his crotch for the weigh in we had to tape. Anyway, if you see me with the video cam during tonight’s warm up, try to look professional.


3 thoughts on “Bí ag rith!

  1. Good times there.just ran 5k outside in 24:34. Thats a bit slow but I’m only doing this “running” thing 2 weeks. My bleedin shins!

    Posted by paul d'wonderful | November 6, 2008, 4:01 pm
  2. I wish i had read this before tonights warmup. Look professional my balls…more like little bow peep with that fucking skipping rope..i hate skipping

    Posted by Thomas | November 6, 2008, 10:57 pm
  3. Paul 25 is a good time for 5k. Sub 25 is really good and sub 20 is superfly! I can’t do sub 20s but I’ve been achingly close- 21.10, 20.50, 20.10, but they were all like 2 weeks before a fight when I had that stuff called eh… motivation I think.One time on a Sunday morning I ate a feed of eggs for breakfast and went out, puked after doing just over 20mins, the second half of which is uphill. I might go to a track again one day and do some real times instead of road times. Tom don’t sweat it my phone ran out of batteries so plenty of time to work on looking less like little bow peep for next time

    Posted by Barry Oglesby | November 6, 2008, 11:24 pm

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