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So you may have noticed…

… that I’ve started to tag my posts. Yup, I know, it smacks of organisation and order. Not something you’d normally associate with me but I was reading about Will’s efforts to organise his blog and it suddenly occurred to me that the 1,000 people (yup I know, but I think 900 of them are my Ma checking on me) who read this blog every day might want some degree of order and searchability. So here it is. On the right you can see all of my posts, categorized into em, categories. Hope it helps a bit.

The Teenagers doing MMA last night on the mew mats

Rolled on our new surface for the first time last night and I have to say, it was a lot of money well spent. A lot of money. Lots. But the new mats really are the mut’s nuts I can’t say better than that. I’m delighted we didn’t opt for the tatami (read Judo) mats in the end they suck for stand up training. I blasted away on the pads with Paddy on Thursday morning on the new ones and there was still plenty of grip which isn’t there with the tatami. I still have to sort out putting the 2X1 frame around the edging to keep the edge mats in and prevent gaps… did I say “I still have to”? I meant “Jonny still has to” of course. He’s my skills guy. I’m just the ideas guy.

I think 2009 is going to be a great year for the gym based on the end of 08 and the month we’ve had so far.


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