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Luck is for people who don't train hard enough!

That being said, I just want to say good luck to Grant, Glen and Amanda this coming Saturday night.

Amanda weighed in this morning at 56.1kgs and is in great shape absolutely ripped. You don’t see many women walking around with visible abs so it’s a testament to her hard work, dedication and iron will. She has outdone even my high expectations so I’m very confident she’ll bring home the bacon on Saturday. She’s an example to anyone who wants to fight- put your life on hold for a while, look after your diet, train as hard as you can and put yourself in the firing line. Amanda is singly the most coachable fighter I’ve ever worked with.

Grant is singly the most uncoachable fighter I’ve ever worked with, as you’ll know if you’ve attended classes in the gym. He works hard though, is tough as nails and is improving every session. I saw him handle someone who outweighs him by a good 20kg last week so I know he’s ready. Grant is only 18 and taking his first semi-pro so I’m a bit jealous.

Glen is taking a K1 fight at 3 weeks notice and is in great shape. His opponent asked him to cut more weight at very short notice which we’re not happy about, so I think you can expect to see a very motivated Glen tomorrow night. I like K1 rules and I think the ruleset will really suit Glen’s style.


2 thoughts on “Luck is for people who don't train hard enough!

  1. WARCmon GrantCmon Glenand Cmon Amanda

    Posted by Tom D | June 12, 2009, 4:47 pm
  2. WAR KO/IPMMA folks!

    Posted by Clive | June 12, 2009, 8:04 pm

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