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Pheeling Phlegmatic

I have a headcold and a sore leg. The headcold I got from my son and my sore leg I got from a car. Yup, I got hit by a car while cycling to work on friday, and if the rest of my weekend wasn’t really good, I’d feel pretty shit right now. Luckily it was a good weekend.

Here’s some training:


Short, intense conditioning. we didn’t have much time and I’d just been hit by a car, so we did

4 Up and back prowler pushes

2 mins pummelling

1 min kettlebell swings

4 Up and back Prowler pushes

2 mins pummelling

1 min kettlebell swings

4 Up and back Prowler pushes

And that’s all, but it was savage.

This morning

I had decided last week that I’d go really heavy on the dips today, but then when I got up I was smothering and feeling a bit off. I decided to do the heavy session anyway but I reckon there’s more reps in me after a better night’s sleep and less sickness.

Shoulder Warm Up Circuit- Band stuff, YTWs, Scap Pull Ups

Dips, 8xBW, 8xBW+10kg, 8xBW+20kg, 5xBW+30kg, 8xBW+35kg supersetted with

Inverted Rows, 5×15

Back Raises, 3×8

BSS, 3×12 super slow and unweighted

GHR, 1 full, extreme calf cramp, 3 pike, extreme calf cramp. Give up.

This is my favourite session of my training week but today it wasn’t so hot. I enjoyed the dips and went heavier, but kept the weight off for the split squats due to the knee tracking issues I’m having the last few weeks. The GHRs were hilarious. I cramped up last Wednesday at BJJ and while it’s felt stiff for the few days since, I really didn’t think it would go again. I jumped off the GHR bench like it was scalding me. I tried to get some partials done but it was tight as piano wire so I spent the next half hour rolling it out with a sliotar.

I have tomorrow off to take my boys out for the day. I can’t wait.


2 thoughts on “Pheeling Phlegmatic

  1. Great bjj class tonight barry.

    Technique was an easy to remember submission flow from scarf hold and it made great practical sence.

    Really enjoyed the rolling class. I rolled 11 tough five minute rounds with 1 minute breaks and without any break for technique. Also i didnt repeat roll with anybody which shows how many people stuck around (and i didnt even get around everybody)

    It reminded me of the thurs night 20.00-2130 rolling sessions in KO in its final few months where the round length was determined by the flip of a coin (or the toss of a ball)with only 1 minute breaks in between. they were tough but put a lot of rounds in the tank.

    Dont think we’ve had anything quite like it since moving to the new gym for whatever reason (i may be wearing my rose tinted glasses here)

    Anyway just wanted to say well done , Great Class

    Posted by Andy Brady | February 16, 2010, 12:28 am
  2. Cheers Andy,

    yeah they were great sessions I’ll have to take out the old KO Medal (it never was a coin) and flip for some extreme rounds again soon.

    Some nights I stop for technique in the late class if there’s something specific I want to work on but last night was so chock full of technique already that I just left it. With any luck this headcold/manflu will clear up so I can roll tomorrow night.

    You’re right, a lot of guys stuck around for the session last night which always makes it so much better. There’s a hardcore of about 6 of us always there, and then about 10 there most times, followed by about 20 not there so much. All we need to do is get some of the “mosts” to be “alls” and hopefully some of the “not so much” to be “mosts” and we’ll have sessions like that every day.

    Posted by Barry Oglesby | February 17, 2010, 12:09 am

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