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Competing this weekend

hey idiots! The Dublin BJJ Open Entry Form is HERE!!!

My own training has been curtailed by a bit of a cold this week but training continues apace elsewhere. This week in BJJ the emphasis has been on top position, particularly modified scarf hold and some variations on that theme. Everyone loves top game, so this week has been particularly popular. We’ve worked on holding position, and securing arms for submissions. Monday was all about retaining the scarf hold in nogi, when you don’t have the assistance of sleeves and collars. We worked on a neat way to secure the far side underhook and then some submissions off that. Last night in the gi we worked on some collar and sleeve grips, as well as some retention and pinning of the near side arm (the ‘armpit’ arm in scarf hold) as well as some submissions. When I’m not able to train, I’ve been trying to get around the guys a bit more when they’re rolling, giving some small tips and hints when I see something. I’ve noticed lately that a lot of people are doing the same thing; passing on hints and tips between rounds. That’s an excellent way of sharing the wealth, but be sure to drill whatever new stuff you find rather than just hoping it will plug into your game automatically. Remember that the mat is open before and after each session too so even if you don’t get an opportunity to come down and drill at another time during the week, you can try to come ten minutes earlier or stay ten minutes later to go over that new technique, position or movement.

My training this morning:

Short warm up, dumbell presses supersetted with dumbell rows, then ab roll outs, coffee, home. Not feeling the best but I’d certainly hope to be wrestling tomorrow, then have a roll on Saturday in preperation for the Dublin BJJ Open which is on Sunday. I wouldn’t like to compete on Sunday having not rolled in a week, so I’d like to knock the cobwebs off first.


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