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Pictorial weekly

Here’s some shots of my working week this week. I was either too busy or forgot to bring my phone to some sessions, so this is just a snippet of some of the sessions I thought. One week, if I remember to, I’m going to take a photo of every session I teach… assuming I get permission from the private clients involved of course (I know at least one of you reads this blog) and of course there are some confidentiality issues with some places.

So this is a small but incomplete review of the week.

I found a book I thought I'd lost. Drysdale gave this to me on his last visit here. Lots of great nogi chokes and submissions.

Taken from the end of the mat after Monday's session. We trained pretty hard and I actually got some chronic calf cramps for the first time in years! It must have been hard so.


Wednesday was the gun show! Who says you always have to be functional?

The cage wall aka The Wall of Useful Stuff after a private session on Thursday. There's some Gis obvioulsly but also bands, dip belts, webbing straps and I don't know what else.

Coaching the deadlift and protecting the floorboards with gym mats! The guys had never lifted before so we worked for a solid hour on coaching.

Giving some kids their first taste of BJJ on Friday in a school. Despite only being in Kyuzo once this week, this was the 6th BJJ session I'd taught, and I finished with number 7 later that day.

Finally, time for the biggest steak I could find after a hard week's work. I eat meat in great quantities!



Back on the mats next week! Thankfully!



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