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Primo session

This morning I did my most enjoyable (and one of the toughest) conditioning session yet. Here’s how it broke down. Bike 5 minsOvers and unders, leg swings 3×8Scap push ups, scap pull ups 2×8Rower 10x150mtrs with 30 sec recoveryStrength block 1:60kg bench press 30 secondsPush Ups 30 seconds1-2 punching 30 secondsRepeat for 10 minutesRower 10x150mtrs … Continue reading

Music time, it’s Monday! I often try to squeeze in some Nina Simone on the stereo in the gym. Some of these Emo kids need their horizons broadened.I just spent the weekend at my Strength and Conditioning coach’s seminar, and I was shocked and appalled to discover that there are about twenty 19 year olds … Continue reading

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful…

There was a time when snow was the best thing that could possibly happen to me. The schools would shut, it was open season to throw stuff at other people and you just didn’t care about getting cold. Now, the snow is a bloody hinderance. It stopped training altogether on Monday, we had to stop … Continue reading

The beginnings of a weekly tradition

I’m going to start putting up some Monday music to start the week off. I get lots of enquiries as to what songs I’m playing in the gym on my ipod (mostly in the form of groans) so I thought I’d share with the world.Blackalicious- Chemical Calasthenics I was going to post up that Mos … Continue reading

The Present and the Future

Was asked a question at training today about what I reckon the future of MMA was. Would people no longer be “specialists”, preferring instead to be just good enough at everything to win fights? The short answer is no. I don’t think so. What I think is hard to put in one post but I’ll … Continue reading

Ways to annoy me:

Spot the Idiocy A) Don’t indicate on a roundabout.2) Indicate right when you’re going straight on a roundaboutC) Litter5) Don’t show for your strength test Also that Heineken Cup ad that’s on lately with the old man talking about the “sense of things” he gets from the ould stadium is pretty headwrecking. But strength testing … Continue reading

A Few Updates on the Fight Show

In the last couple of weeks, the hassle of having to organise this show has almost made me want to quit, go home to bed and not bother anymore. Then there are moments like the one yesterday, which made everything seem worthwhile. I was in town, picking up Christmas presents when I came upon a … Continue reading

Final Week of training ahead

So we’re in week 11 of 12, and the guys are looking and feeling good. I’ll spare a bit of information in this post as the lads are yet to fight so we’ll see how that goes before I really assess things. But here is a rough idea of what I tried to achieve in … Continue reading

Yes it's 2am again

What breed of saddo am I? It’s 2am, I can’t sleep and I’ve chosen this time to update my blog, now that I’ve taken care of some paperwork that is. It’s annoying to be lying in bed with 1,000 things running through your head, and worse again when you get up to try to solve … Continue reading

Interesting Evening

Carb depletion, you’ve gotta hate it. You think you don’t need pasta and then you go and do a session like last night’s. Some of the guys are on the cut right now and one or two are slightly above target. One guy in particular has been set a diet to get him waaaaaayyy down, … Continue reading