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Simple 10 minute session

This is an addendum to a larger article that will be on VPX in a few days. I thought I’d post this video here since there’s a few cobwebs on the front page!

This took ten minutes, repeated. It’s a nice, simple mini-session that requires just 2 things- a med ball and a wall to throw it against. You’ll note that the exercises are simple too, nothing complex or sexy, just simple and tiring. This means that even if you’re not quite perfect with form (Colin’s depth isn’t great on his squats) or are restricted in some way, you can still motor through and achieve the effect we want from the session.

1) 10 medball front squats

2) 10 med ball sit ups w/chest pass

3) 10 med ball slams

As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes.

Give it a shot and see how you get on. It might be tougher than it looks!


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